Making a difference

We appreciate every donation we receive here at Birmingham Children's Hospital. However, by making a significant gift you will make a huge impact on the services we provide for our patients and their families.  Our medical and nursing staff are passionate about giving the best possible care to our children, but successfully treating those suffering from the most severe illnesses, sometimes means going beyond the core resources available to the NHS.

Can you help us to make a change?

A significant donation can be transformational. It could enable us to fund a ground-breaking piece of research, provide specialist medical equipment or create a better environment for the young patients we treat and their families who love them. 

From refurbishing the playground to equipping new critical care ambulances, you can choose which project to support, and make an impact in an area of your choice.

As a leading specialist paediatric centre, we have ambitious plans to continue to invest in research, our environment and medical innovation and your support of our Charity in this way, makes a huge difference. 

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Achieving more together

Our hospital has an impressive history of medical firsts and has done so much to serve children from across the West Midlands, the UK and beyond. 

Achievements such as: 

- in 1958 Abrams, d’Abreu and their team, were the first to complete paediatric open heart surgery using a cardiopulmonary bypass.

- in 1993 a joint BCH and Queen Elizabeth Hospital team perform Britain’s first combined liver and bowel  transplant in a young child.

- in 1999 Joseph De Giovanni fits a pacemaker into a three-day-old-baby, Britain’s youngest patient to have one fitted.

- in 2001 the successful separation of conjoined twins, joined at the base of the back, was performed by Tony Hockley – the first operation of its kind in the UK.

- in 2010 we were the first hospital in the UK to open a hybrid operating theatre for our heart patients, putting us at the forefront of cardiac surgery in the UK.  This was made possible by a fundraising campaign.

We are determined to continue our grow our reputation as an international centre of excellence in children’s medicine.

Together, we can make projects happen sooner and to a greater degree than might otherwise be possible, giving you the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of children and families.

Further information about the impact you can make, can be found in our latest Annual Report and Impact Reports.

Our approach

We aim to build positive long-term relationships with individuals and organisations that can support us with significant gifts and believe passionately that together, we can achieve even more in child healthcare.

We provide a personalised service to all of our key supporters

We also host regular events and can arrange for you to visit a project you have supported so you can see first-hand the difference your commitment has made.

Tax effective giving

Make your gift go further, by making the most of tax effective giving.

Want to know more?

We would welcome the chance to show you the impact that bigger gifts have on our youngest patients and their families.  We are always proud to provide an opportunity for our supporters to view our work first hand, to meet our inspiring clinicians, and build what we hope will be a long term relationship with our hospital community.

So if you’d like to know more about our current projects, organise a visit or discuss making a gift, please contact Mandy Smith our Philanthropy Team Manager on 07866 800707 or email [email protected] in complete confidence.