Research is being conducted into the use of a new drug that helps to block nutrient uptake in cancer cells to allow doctors to offer a less-aggressive treatment option for children and young people diagnosed with leukaemia. This research is being led by our Children’s Hospital’s Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Oncology, Dr Francis Mussai, and funded by our fabulous oncology supporters, Carter the Brave.

Cancers including leukaemias and solid tumours often require multi-drug chemotherapies to treat high-risk patients. Sadly overall survival for these patients, particularly those with leukaemias or neuroblastoma, remains poor.

While clinical trials into additional therapies for these cancers are taking place, investigations into other treatments aren’t as common as they should be.

Adult clinical trial research into this new drug has already shown anticancer activity with minimal side effects, compared to standard chemotherapies which result in much harsher and longterm after effects.

Thanks to Carter the Brave, who has so far donated £60,000 to this research, the first phase of Dr Mussai’s paediatric laboratory research is now complete. Dr Mussai will now enter phase two to extract even more data to support the effectiveness of this new drug.

Future funding would support ongoing research towards a clinical trial.