Stourbridge musical director, Simon Whitmore, has organised a big gig – a choirmania – in honour of one of his member’s daughter, Monique, who was treated at our hospital when she was a baby. Diagnosed with ALCAPA, Monique’s condition meant her left artery – which carries blood to the heart muscle wasn’t correctly connected to her aorta. At just eight-months-old, Monique needed open heart surgery and spent 17 days in our hospital. Eight years on and Monique is still under our care, she has regular check ups, but is doing really well. Her mum, Vanessa, describes her as “the happiest, kindest person possible.” 

To give back to the hospital, Simon signed up to the charity’s Big Gig 2018, which seeks entertainers of all kinds put on an event to raise money for our sick kids. He said: “I wanted to organise something special this year, so with the support of eight local choirs, Choirmania was born. Vanessa’s family’s story touched us all and, through the concert, we want to be able to give something back and do something positive to raise vital funds. Our target is £10,000 and we’re hoping that this money will go on to support children like Monique and families like Vanessa’s.”

Choirmania will involve over 250 singers from local choirs around the West Midlands singing show tunes, pop songs and gospel tunes at the iconic Birmingham Town Hall. The choirs will be joined by two amazing soloists - West End performer Lucy Key, who will perform a selection of show songs and Megan Reece who appeared BBC’s The Voice 2016. Purchase tickets or phone 01217803333.

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