Is your company looking for a unique volunteering or team building opportunity? Yes? Well we would love for you to join us at The Studio Birmingham on Friday 20th March 2020 to take part in our City Apprentice Challenge!

We are challenging businesses from across the city to come together to collectively raise £25,000 in just one day to fund one of our 12 fantastic Play facilitators for a year.

Being in Hospital can be scary at any age, but for a child it can often be even more nerve-wracking and daunting. It is well-known that the fear and anxiety a young person feels in hospital can have a negative impact on their recovery. Our Play Facilitators work to counter this.

Through the power of play our team provide our young patients with distractions from difficult or uncomfortable procedures; ensuring they comply with treatment. Using role play, storytelling, laughter and entertainment, our team form close bonds with our patients and help them to make sense of their conditions and express their feelings surrounding them. Importantly, they bring the fun to our hospital, allowing our children and young people to be children first and patients second.

However, such outstanding care for our brave patients can only be continued if we as a Charity are able to fund our 12 brilliant Play facilitators. Therefore, we urgently need your support. By taking part in our City Apprentice Challenge you can help us to do this!

The day will begin with an inspiring speech and presentation from us regarding the work that our amazing Play facilitators do, and why they are so crucial to the recovery and development of the 90,000 patients we treat here each year.

You will then split off into your teams and have until the end of the day to raise as much money as you can towards the appeal through Just Giving (we will set up your page in advance for you.) This is an opportunity for you and your colleagues to take part in a unique team-building activity that tests your communication, teamwork, creativity, and negotiation skills to see if you have what it takes to beat your fundraising target of £1,000!

How you raise the money is totally up to you! We’ll provide you with a rough telephone pitch which you could use to contact your friends and family, or you could get baking and sell your goodies, or why not make a video to share on social media! We’ll be with you throughout the day to answer any questions and provide you with support. Then at 4pm we will bring everyone back together for prizes, a grand unveiling of the total, and a big celebration for all of your hard work.

We would love for you to join us for an entertaining and exciting day in support of our Play facilitators! You can enter a team of 5-8 people, and will receive fundraising support, refreshments, and plenty of fun throughout the day!

Please email us if you'd like to enter a team. Read more about The Power Of Play Appeal

Huge thank you to our headline sponsors thestudio for generously donating their amazing venue for the day!