Being in hospital can be a scary experience, but for children it can often be even more nerve-wracking.

Fear and anxiety can have a negative impact on a child's recovery which is why play is so important. Play allows children to express their feelings, ask questions about their condition and have fun, as well as allowing them to relax.

Play and recreation at Birmingham Children’s Hospital is a serious business and is central to life at our hospital.

Children who are happy and relaxed cope better with their treatment and recover a lot quicker than those who are more anxious. Play also gives our patients and their families a degree of normality, allowing them to make memories at their child’s bedside and take a much-needed break from the stress and worry of life in hospital. Take a look at our video to find out more.

Our dedicated Play and Recreation Facilitators and Workers are an essential part of a patient’s recovery, personal development and overall experience whilst at our hospital.

The team: 

 Form close relationships with patients and parents, putting them at ease and helping them understand treatments and illnesses.
 Promote stimulation and personal interaction as well as encouraging movement and communication, allowing patients to share their worries and confront their fears.
 Enable our patients to regain an element of power in a situation where they feel like they have little control, encouraging them to make choices about what they would like to read or play.
 Work with siblings to ensure they feel involved and valued in their family’s hospital experience, lessening the risk of them feeling isolated.


Our charity helps to fund a team of 12 Play and Recreation Facilitators and Workers who help more than 250 children and families every single day.

Help us raise the £300,000 needed every year to allow us to continue bringing play to our brave children.