Being in hospital can be a scary experience for anyone but for a child it can often be even more nerve-wracking.

Fear and anxiety can have a negative impact on a child's recovery, which is why play is central to everyday life at our hospital.

We believe children who are happy and relaxed cope better with their treatment and recover a lot quicker than those who are more anxious.

Play allows children to express their feelings, ask questions about their condition and also have fun.

Many of the entertainment and activities delivered on our wards – which are so valued by our patients – are funded by our charity.

Play gives our children and families a degree of normality, allowing them to take a much-needed break from the stress and worry of life in hospital.  Watch our short video to learn more.

Each ward has its own dedicated play space and our play team brings music, art, games and stories to all kids, providing a diversion from difficult, uncomfortable or upsetting situations.

These sessions help to encourage communication and movement, allowing patients to share their thoughts and confront their fears, as well as breaking up the routine of long hospital days.

Our bespoke Play and Admissions Centre offers our children and young people the chance to enjoy activities away from their hospital beds. We also have special sensory rooms, which provide stimulation for children with physical disabilities, developmental delay and sensory impairments, along with chill-out zones for our older patients and a bright outdoor play area.

Many of our sick kids will spend a large part of their childhood with us, so our play team also helps to organise special events for birthdays, religious festivals and visits from entertainers and celebrities. These celebrations give our children and their families something to look forward to and the chance to make happy, lasting memories.

Creating positive experiences for our patients and families is one of our top priorities. Please support the work of our hospital’s play team today.

Your gift will make a big difference to the thousands of sick kids who visit us every year, allowing them to be children first and patients second.