Our Chaplaincy team seeks to both lift and soothe spirits by supporting our patients, families and staff with their spiritual and/or religious wellbeing. This is a much-valued and important service.

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Thanks to supporters like you, our charity supports our chaplaincy and bereavement teams by funding a number of projects, including:

Bereavement Support

The team delivers year-round support to those experiencing the loss of loved ones, and organises two remembrance events every year – a memorial service and a memorial picnic at the National Memorial Aboretum. 

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Celebrating Multi-faith Festivals

Our Chaplaincy organises and celebrates a wide range of religious and cultural festivals across the Trust with the goal of affirming diversity and inclusion, and allowing patients, families and staff to take part in celebrating these important events, even whilst in hospital.

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Patient Choir

Music and singing lifts spirits and is proven to have many positive benefits. Our Chaplaincy runs a patient choir and invites our young children to participate and contribute in whatever way they are able, with the aim of improving their mood and recovery time.

We believe there is always more we can do for our sick kids. Help us make a lasting impact, by supporting our Chaplaincy to continue its important work.