Being in hospital is an incredibly worrying time for our sick kids and their families. Unsurprisingly, this anxiety can mean our expert doctors and nurses sometimes struggle to perform simple procedures such as take bloods, change dressings, insert a cannula, put in stitches and relax patients ahead of surgery or an anaesthetic to put them to sleep. 

With your help we can change this.

A number of successful trials across our hospital has proved using virtual reality (VR) technology can significantly decrease stress levels and reduce discomfort during minor medical procedures. 

Instantly a child is transported into a lifelike, three-dimensional world where they can – for a short period of time – forget about why they are in hospital and the medical procedure they’re about to receive.

Our patients said they “didn’t realise” the procedure had happened, and the experience of using the VR headsets was “really fun”. Parents too were overwhelmingly positive and “incredibly relieved” adding it was “reassuring” to see their child looking relaxed and it was “a great way to make procedures less daunting”. 

Read eight-year-old Matthew's experience of using the VR headset.

These pilots have also shown how virtual reality can meaningfully improve clinical outcomes too, including: 

  • Quicker and safer completion of procedures and treatments 
  • Less medication 
  • Increased compliance to treatment and care plans 
  • Shorter stays in hospital

Following its success, we now need to raise £105,000 to lease our own headsets to support patients across our hospital. 

We intend to lease two different types of equipment: 

  • SyncVR Plug and Play for use by our clinical teams (including cardiac, oncology, burns and anaesthetics) 
  • DR.VR™ Virtual Reality Therapy Kits for use by our Play Team in wards and departments across the hospital

The cost of each headset is approximately £3,500 and our ambition is to initially lease 30 sets. 

Help us make this technology part of our daily care so we can significantly improve the experience and clinical outcomes for our patients. 

Your donation today will make a big difference and help us reduce anxiety and distress across the hospital.