There are lots of other ways that you can support and donate to make this Easter as special as ever for our patients. You could:

1. Buy a virtual Easter Egg on our Easter Egg Hunt page. Donate and dedicate the Egg of your choice to a friend or patient this Easter to show them that you care.

2. Buy a crafting activity or gift for our patients by donating to our Celebration Toy Fund.

We try to make all of occasions magical for the kids who have to spend them with us, to ensure their stay is as exciting, fun and sparkly as it would be if they were at home. Now, you can help us do that too by donating to our Celebration Toy Fund.

3. Get Sponsored for ‘Giving It Up’ this Lent.

If you are planning on giving something up for Lent, why not join our Give It Up Challenge and get sponsored for giving up your favourite treats in the run-up to Easter.  You can set up a Facebook Fundraiser or a JustGiving Page  to share with family & friends to raise lots of donations to help our charity.

4. Buy one of our Alternative Gifts and give the gift of play to our sick kids this Easter.

Every Alternative Gift comes with a beautiful Easter-themed presentation card and envelope, along with details of how your gift will make an impact for our young patients.