Sharing a story can be hard, but it can also pose as a comfort to families going through a similar time.

If you choose to do so, you can leave a lasting mark of your loved one on this page.

Sarah’s Story

(Margaret with her great grandchildren Amelia Morgan-Lovatt and twin brother Isaac)

 When Sarah’s grandmother, Margaret, passed away, her family requested donations to our Heart Unit in lieu of flowers at her funeral. Sarah explains:

“When Nanna passed away we asked our friends and family to make donations to the cardiac unit in her memory, because they had mended my daughter Amelia’s broken heart. Nanna died of a heart attack and it is likely that Amelia would have had one too if she hadn’t undergone surgery. We can never thank the hospital enough for making our little girl better. We collected £375 at Nanna’s funeral and we know she would have been so proud to know that a valuable contribution has been made to such a wonderful organisation in her name.”