Lucky 7

Meet Chris, who recently celebrated his seventh win from our charity lottery! Chris told us his reason for joining our lottery, and why he thinks it’s so important to do more for sick kids:  

“About five years ago my son Nick was diagnosed with a kidney blockage. Nick has Asperger’s Syndrome and part of this condition for Nick is a low pain threshold and an extreme needle phobia. Nick was extremely anxious about his treatment and even the initial scans were a traumatic experience for him, so we were so grateful to the Radiography team for their patience and persistence to get the results we needed.

Everyone went out of their way to help us

“Throughout the process, from diagnosis to surgery, the Play Therapists were absolutely fantastic in talking to Nick about his fears, helping him to overcome these by showing him the equipment that would be used and helping him to understand what would be happening to him. Every member of staff we met was so understanding of Nick’s needs and went out of their way to make him feel as comfortable as possible, including giving him a private room as he was self-conscious about being seen in pain by strangers. The anaesthetist even told him a story to distract him while preparing Nick for his surgery.”

I'm proud to support the BCH Lottery

We had a far from straightforward story, but we received great support from everyone at BCH and we were so impressed with their skills. That’s why I’m proud to support Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity’s fundraising activities, including the lottery! For us it’s not about winning, but a few small prizes is a nice bonus!”