Tracey's lucky streak

She may not have won the jackpot of £25,000, but Tracey is on a lucky streak with our lottery - she’s been a winner five times since joining 18 months ago!

Tracey began supporting  our hospital when her son Lucas, was referred from University Hospital, Coventry. Lucas was suffering from an abscess in his throat which was incredibly painful and had grown so big he was struggling to breathe.

He’d lost a lot of weight as he couldn’t eat properly and we’d been going backwards and forwards to University Hospital for about a month with no diagnosis,” said Tracey. “He was only two and he couldn’t explain what was wrong, but I remember trying to pick him up and him screaming in agony.

My guardian angel

We were transferred to Birmingham in an ambulance at about nine o’clock one night and as soon as we arrived a nurse offered to make me some toast and a cup of tea - she was like my guardian angel!

Lucas was quickly seen by a consultant at the children’s hospital, who prepared him for surgery.Tracey added:

When Lucas came back from surgery he slept through the night and woke up early the next morning. The first thing he asked for was his beloved Peppa Pig and whether he could have some ice cream! Before I knew it he was tearing around the ward having a great time. It was like a complete recovery in 18 hours and he hasn’t had to return to the hospital since.

Reflecting on her time at our hospital, Tracey said she was amazed by the level of knowledge and commitment from all of the staff, but she noticed that conditions were much more cramped than those at University Hospital, which is a newly-built hospital.

I have to do everything I can!

I thought to myself, I have to do everything I can to make it as easy as possible for the staff to do their jobs,” she said, “as they should have anything they need!

I think I bought most of the stock in the Fundraising Hub and later I noticed the lottery and decided to join up. I can’t believe I’ve won so much, I just wanted to support the hospital in any way I could!