Does your business have a core competency or skill which you think could help our charity? Working with us by offering gift in kind brings value both to your employees, who can share their knowledge and skills to support us in delivering our campaigns and fundraiser more effectively. 

We have worked with a number of businesses who have supported us through gift in kind, a special thank you goes to Urgo Medical who donated all of the bandages for our Big Bandage 2018 fundraiser, DHL who organised delivery from Loughborough to the hospital and B4 Parking who have offered us a storage facility. Giving out bandages to our supporters is a key part of the success for the Big Bandage, so thank you to all of the businesses involved in making this campaign a success! 

Another vital area that your business could support us in is the donation of meeting room space! We have limited space to hold meetings at our office and are always looking for spaces in Birmingham city centre for our team to meet. If you think you could spare a few hours of one of your rooms then please do get in touch today!

If you think that your business could share your skills and support us through gift in kind, please get in touch and e-mail [email protected]- we look forward to working with you!