We think our corporate partners are all amazing fundraisers, so we want to give you the opportunity to do absolutely nothing whilst giving something amazing back to our children.

On Friday 1 June, we are having our first ever ‘Do Nothing to Give Something’ day! We recently did a bit of research and discovered that if every employee at YOUR workplace came into work on Friday 1st June and donated £1 we would raise … over £20,000 in one day! That could give 40 of our children the trip of a lifetime through a funded adventure holiday accompanied by our qualified medical staff. Some of our patients spend their whole childhood in hospital and miss out on normal experiences like a family holiday.

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"What a great idea! This is perfect for our business as so many people work different hours. It really doesn’t get easier than this, do nothing, and raise vital funds for a great cause!
                                      Linzey Tolan- Sales Manager. The Village Hotel, Solihull

So there’s no need to stay up baking a cake, train for a marathon or dig out a silly jumper- just bring in £1 to work! We need you to get your colleagues on board, so please spread the word! Then, collect your £1’s on Friday 1 June and drop them in our Fundraising Hub, post in a cheque or bank transfer. Let us know if you are getting involved or have any further questions by emailing [email protected].

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