Charitable donations allow us to be at the forefront of what is possible for our patients and families and we’re very grateful to everyone who supports us financially. We want you to have confidence in us that we’re spending your money wisely. That’s why we’re committed to being open and honest about how we're funded and managed.


Our total income for 2018/19 was £6.89 million.  This was raised through;

Donations & Legacies (£4.743million) Donations include regular gifts, money raised by corporate partners and by fundraisers in their local communities, donations from Trusts, major donors and gifts left to us in Wills

Events (£1.856million) Money raised from event fees and generated by people raising sponsorship for taking part in events organised directly by us (such as the Fun Family 5) and those organised by third parties (such as the London Marathon)

Trading Income (£18,000) This is income generated by providing training to third parties

Retail (£130,000) This is income generated by our trading subsidiary, Red Balloon Trading CIC

Investments (£152,000) This is income from interest received on reserves and other investments


In 2018/19 we spent a total of £6.63 million using money raised by our supporters.

We spent £6.697 million on Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Trust.  This includes;

Medical Research (£463,000)

The Purchase Of New Equipment (£1.08m)

Patient Environment (£954,000)

Patient Education & Welfare (£1.69m)

Staff Education & Welfare (£509,000)

We spent £1.937million on raising funds for the future


70p of every £1 you donate is given to Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital NHS Trust and spent across these main areas; Medical Research, New Equipment, building new or refurbishing existing buildings, and staff and/or patient education and welfare.

How do we calculate the figure?

This calculation shows the proportion of supporters’ donations which are going towards the charity’s work, and what is going towards fundraising for the future. 

Across the charity sector, there is no uniform method used to report on this figure.  We take a five year average to produce this information; a method which allows us to account for in-year activities which may produce anomalous results.  An example of this is a campaign like the Big Sleuth, which produced good results for us in terms of income, and added considerable value in non-financial areas such as brand awareness, but also came at a higher cost than our usual fundraising activities. 

We believe this five year method gives the most accurate picture of the proportion of the money we received which we spend on raising income.

Fundraising Income. 

Over the past five financial years (2014/15 – 2018/19) total income from fundraising (this is the total Charity income excluding income from investments) was £33.15 million.

Costs to raise funds.  

Over the same period, we spent £10.03 million on raising this income.

This leaves £23.12 million available – 70% of the income listed above.  Full details of these figures are available on our Annual Report and Financial Statements.  These are publically available documents which can be found on the Charity Commission website here.