Star appeal project

Our Star Appeal raised £3.65 million to create the UK’s first centre for the care and treatment of children with rare diseases.Read more

Magnolia House project

Providing a sanctuary for parents and families who have received difficult or upsetting news and funded entirely by generous charitable donation, Magnolia House is the first centre of its kind in the UK, setting the benchmark for palliative and bereavement care across the country.Read more

Emergency radiology appeal

With charitable support we were able to replace our Emergency Department’s dated x-ray machine, taking advantage of recent advances in technology.Read more

Burn centre appeal

In 2006, our Burn Centre Appeal helped to fund the creation of a new Paediatric Burn Centre, which enabled us to double the number of children with burn injuries that we treat each year. Although the NHS paid the majority of the development our appeal raised an additional £3 million to create the very best possible healing environment for our patients.Read more

Children's cancer centre

Each year around 1,700 children are diagnosed with cancer and more than 250 of them are treated at our hospital. To do more to improve the hospital experience for children and families facing very frightening and challenging time our Children’s Cancer Centre Appeal was launched in 2012, with the aim of raising £4million to develop a new state-of-the-art centre of our young patients.Read more

Children’s Heart Appeal

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our supporters, in 2011 our Children’s Heart Appeal succeeded in raising £2 million for a brand new “hybrid” cardiac theatre.Read more