In 2013, our hospital was granted major trauma status, meaning that sick and injured children in need of emergency care from around the region are referred to us for the very best treatment. To ensure our patients have the most positive experience possible, we needed to replace our x-ray machine which was over 20-years-old.  

Our Emergency X-Ray Appeal aimed to raise £700,000 to replace our old out-dated equipment with a state-of-the-art digital x-ray system along with a new wall mounted oxygen system.

Our Emergency Department is currently the UK’s second largest and busiest Children’s Emergency Department, treating more than 55,000 children every year, for everything from bumps and bruises to very serious incidents such a road traffic accidents and breathing difficulties.  The department is often a child’s first experience of hospital so we strive to make it as positive as possible.

Each year over 12,000 patients who arrive at the main Emergency Department will be referred for an X-ray to help diagnose their suspected injury or condition.  Many children and their families also return to this area for a follow-up imaging to see how their injuries are healing.

Our emergency radiology suite was in desperate need of a make-over.  The X-ray machine was 20 years old and slow which meant children spent a long time waiting in the crowded, out-dated waiting area.  This caused real distress to our children who are often scared and in pain. 

Our charity launched an appeal to raise the funds necessary to replace the X-ray machine and transform the Emergency Radiology waiting area to create a more positive, child-friendly space for our patients and their families.

The £700,000 raised allowed us to buy a brand new digital X-ray system and gave the whole area a major facelift – including creating a proper reception and a family friendly play space.

The new x-ray machine speeds up the entire process, giving radiographers more time to spend on important tasks, like looking after our poorly patients. 

Nine year old Billy was brought to our hospital by Air Ambulance following an accident on Sunday afternoon at a motor cross event in Shropshire.  Keen motorcyclist Billy fell off his bike and fractured his tibia (the bone in the bottom of his leg).  Scared and in pain, he was rushed through the Emergency Department and straight to Radiology.  Mum Laura said, 

"The whole thing was so dramatic.  Being flown in by helicopter was like something you see on TV and when the double doors opened into the Radiology Unit, it felt like the end of nowhere.  The doctors and nurses were wonderful, but the X-ray room was really basic, uncomfortable, dated and not very child friendly."

Following his X-ray, Billy was admitted to hospital and had surgery the next day.  He’ll be in plaster for a while but is making a good recovery. 

Thanks to the new system, our hospital is also able to see more children each hour.