Providing a sanctuary for parents and families who have received difficult or upsetting news and funded entirely by generous charitable donation, Magnolia House is the first centre of its kind in the UK, setting the benchmark for palliative and bereavement care across the country. Three-quarters of the £1 million needed to build Magnolia House was raised by our corporate supporter Wesleyan.

Magnolia House is located in a central part of our hospital’s site, and boasts two private counselling rooms; a tranquil lounge area, a kitchen and dining area; a siblings play area and a peaceful, private garden area where families can sit and reflect.   There is also a private, large family room complete with its own bathroom, kitchen and garden, offering a space where families can spend as long as they need together before they feel ready to face the world again.  The building also has a roof with twinkle lights embedded within it to provide patients with a scenic and magical view from the windows of our multi-storey hospital.

Prior to the construction of Magnolia House difficult conversations took place in offices, empty cubicles or playrooms, with parents often moved back out onto the ward before they properly had time to digest what they were being told.

Speaking of how a support centre such as Magnolia House would have benefitted her family, mum Naomi said,

When we were first told the news about our son’s prognosis , we were unsure about where to go or who to turn to.  It would have made such a huge difference to our family to be able to go to a place away from the ward, to an environment that was completely separate from the hospital itself – somewhere that was more like a home-from-home.

It was hard for our family to be apart so much.  I had a six month old daughter when my little boy passed away, so to have had a space and people around us that understood exactly what we were going through would have been paramount at that point in time.

I think the care being offered by Magnolia House should be the benchmark for all hospitals.

Within Magnolia House we hope to offer our children and families access  to a range of complementary therapies such as art therapy, massage and storytelling.  These therapies will allow the palliative care team to offer additional supportive care when life is limited.  We do however, need your help to make this possible.  Please find further details about these therapies here.