Twenty patients from our Children’s Hospital took their turn strutting their stuff on the catwalk at an adaptive clothing fashion show, supported by our charity.

People with physical disabilities often find themselves at a disadvantage when shopping for clothes, with mainstream high street stores not catering for their needs and specialist retailers creating unflattering and unstylish garments.

This is what led Ms. Andrea Jester, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at our Children’s Hospital, to get in touch with the School of Fashion at South and City College Birmingham to see if its students could support with a special fashion show.

The show not only uplifted and empowered her patients, but also raised awareness of the need for more adaptive clothing within the fashion community.

One of the patient models who took to the runway was 15-year-old Evie Jones from Shrewsbury who had her left foot amputated after developing sepsis. She said: “Naturally I have my ups and downs as well as insecurities about my disability. However, being part of this fashion show was a turning point for me and made me want to celebrate my differences.”