When patients visit our hospital for outpatient appointments, they often find themselves in a busy waiting area with lots of background noise, which can make it difficult for them and their parents to hear when their name is called. This is especially true for patients with hearing impairments.

We learnt families were regularly mishearing their name, resulting in them feeling disappointed and frustrated. Nurses also had to shout to be heard over the noise, which made the child feel anxious ahead of their appointment.

To improve patient experience, charitable funds have paid for a new tannoy system in our main Outpatients Department. Since its arrival, families have reported they now feel more relaxed and able to play while they wait, as they know they will hear their child’s name being called no matter where in the department they are.

The speed at which families now get up once hearing their name also means there are less delays to the running of clinics.

This new system has also limited the risk of patients missing appointments.