Whether you are celebrating Easter, Ramadan, Eid, Vaisakhi, Vesak, Diwali or Christmas there are lots of ways you can support Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity whilst celebrating with your families and communities;


Why not donate a Virtual Easter Egg, buy a gift for a patient by donating to our Celebration Toy Fund or give one of our Alternative Gifts - the gift that keeps on giving? If you are planning on giving something up for Lent, why not join our Give It Up Challenge and get sponsored for giving up your favourite treats in the run-up to Easter. For more information visit our Easter pages.


You could support us by choosing to donate to our Muslim Patient and Staff Wellbeing and Environment Fund, or why not make Eid special for our patients, by donating to our Celebration Toy Fund. You can ask family and friends to make a donation instead of giving presents for Eid, by setting up your own Eid celebration page on JustGiving, or purchase one of our Alternative Gifts on our Eid page in a loved ones name. You could also take part in a sponsored fast


You could donate to our charity Vaisakhi appeal as part of your celebration, or if you want a real challenge, you could get sponsored to give up all of the delicious Indian sweets such as Jalebi or Gulab Jamun that everyone indulges in during Vaisakhi. Find out more about our Give It Up campaign and sign up this Vaisakhi. You can also make Vaisakhi special for our patients by donating to our Celebration Toy Fund


You could donate to our charity as part of your of your celebration or perhaps host a special Vesak performance or show to celebrate the life of Buddha, and sell tickets or request donations. To organise and register your own fundraising event click here.


Diwali (The Festival of Lights) is all about sharing and connecting with family and friends, and giving of gifts to boost feelings of fellowship and love. You could donate or collect on behalf of our hospital as part of your Diwali celebrations, or why not ask family and friends to make donations to our charity in place of usual Diwali gifts. Visit our dedicated Diwali page to find out about our virtual candle appeal and also our specially created Diwali Alternative Gift Card.

Register your fundraising with us and we can help you with ideas and support you through your fundraising journey.

Thank you for your support.