Having a personal connection to our wonderful hospital is often a fundraising driver for many of our supporters. Rob Adams, Purchase Ledger Assistant at PKF Cooper Parry in Birmingham, is an example of one of our brave patients who has turned their hospital experience into an opportunity to do more for our sick kids both now and in the future.

At the age of 16, Rob was diagnosed with cancer, following two years of misdiagnosis causing the tumour inside his chest to expand to 20cm in circumference, causing a near collapse and possible loss of his left lung. It was a nurse at Birmingham Children’s Hospital who noticed that Rob was standing with a stoop and sent him for a chest x-ray which led to his diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Rob was then admitted to the Oncology Department at Birmingham Children’s Hospital to begin treatment. In his own words, Rob states:

Every member of the team, from the nursing team to the specialist consultants were wonderful in how they cared for me and the many other sick children. The ward seemed alive; happy and positive. The nurses helped us to laugh through our treatments, to play games with us and help us to try and forget the dire situation we were in. Knowing that I was about to be welcomed by a friendly face made the trips back and forth less daunting; the nurses soon became like family.

In April 2007, Rob finally beat cancer and went into remission. The experience changed his life and Rob and his colleagues at PKF Cooper Parry are now passionate about driving their fundraising to give back to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. Rob has done a skydive and run a half-marathon to raise money for our Oncology Ward and is also encouraging his colleagues to fundraise for us too! PKF Cooper Parry has generously supported us by sponsoring a Big Sleuth bear, Hetty, as well as decorating our Oncology Ward for Christmas!

We are so happy that Rob and his colleagues at PKF Cooper Parry have turned his experience of fighting cancer into an amazing opportunity to create an inspirational partnership with Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. PKF Cooper Parry continue to raise vital funds that will allow children staying in our Oncology Department to receive the highest quality care. Thank you for your support and we are excited to work with you in the future!